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16th September 2021

Good afternoon,
In consultation with the Sgoil Lionacleit Parent Council it was decided that we would trial online parent's evenings this term. I am very glad that this decision was reached given that we have been advised to maintain current CV-19 arrangements until the October holidays.

We have bought software from a company that specialises in online parent's evenings and have spent the few weeks since the parent council meeting building the database and training staff. Online parent's evenings this term will be as follows:

  • S1 - 23rd September 17.30pm - 19.30pm
  • S2 - 30th September 17.30pm - 19.30pm
  • S4 - 6th October 17.30pm - 19.30pm

Later today all S1 parents/guardians will be emailed a link to the parents evening booking system, please use this link to log in to the system and begin booking appointments. Appointments for S1 parent's evening can be made from 4pm today until 8pm on Wednesday 22nd September. S2 and S4 parents/guardians will be sent their links next week.

Please see below for a helpful video which shows how the parents area works:

And answers to the following FAQs:

The parents’ area allows parents/carers to make appointments with teachers online. Parents’ evenings typically have two options, “Suggest bookings for me” and “Make bookings for myself”. The former will use a computer to pick appointment times that are the most efficient, given your availability and that of the teachers you want to see, while the latter will allow you to hand-pick appointment times one-by-one.

Q1: I can’t see any teachers?
A1: Please make your school aware. It’s possible they have forgotten to add the teachers to their parents’ evening.

Q2: I can’t see my video call button?
A2: The button which allows parents to join their video meetings is shown 15mins before the first/next appointment is due to begin.

Q3: Can i change the email or phone number linked to my Parents Booking account?
A3: You should be able to do this via the Your Profile button found on the header bar or “burger menu” (the three horizontal lines shown in mobile view). If this is not shown, you will either be required to log out and log back in again, typing in a different email/phone number, or you can contact the school and ask if they will oblige.

When you log in to the parent's area you will see a button titled 'video settings', can I ask that parents/guardians use this button to check the camera and microphone of the computer you will use for the parents evening ahead of the actual parents evening. If you have any problems, then please call the school and I will be happy to help.

Yours in partnership

Gordon Young
Head Teacher
Sgoil Lionacleit

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