Exam Stress

Exam times for our young people (and parents/guardians!) may make them feel under pressure, with this in mind we have collated links to the following web-sites which may help you support your young person and provide practical advice, we would especially recommend getting your young person to read the advice on the 'Student Minds' web-link:

student times exam stress family lives exam stress NHS exam stress

5 Steps Bookmark
Download a '5 Steps to revising for exams' bookmark using the link below. Print out on plain paper or thick card back to back (double sided). Use the crop marks to guide you on where to cut out the bookmark.

5 Steps Bookmark 5 Steps Exam Help Bookmark

SQA Booklets and Website Links

Your Exams 2019 Gaelic Edition
SQA Your Exams 2019 - Gaelic Edition

Your Exams 2019 - English Edition SQA Your Exams 2019 - English Edition

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SQA Exam Timetable and Apps
SQA Exam Timetable and Exam Apps