Introduction to Health, Food and Textile Technology (HFTT)

healthHFTT courses at all levels offer pupils a wide variety of skills useful for all stages of life beyond school.

Broad General Education
In S1-S3 all pupils work on the Experience and Outcomes at Level 3 and Level 4 in all subjects.
Topics covered include –
P7 Transition information includes –
S1 – Safety and Hygiene, Nutrition and Healthy Eating and Fabric Work
– Dietary goals for Scotland and related cookery Environment
– Hospitality (Skills for Work)
The Skills for Work Hospitality Course provides an introduction to the different commercial and non-commercial sectors of the hospitality industry and the types of provision they offer. Candidates will also learn about the organisational aims of hospitality establishments and the products and services they provide. Candidates will also have to opportunity to experience working in a professional kitchen and restaurant, learning about the different roles and responsibilities in the hospitality professions and developing their skills for work.

Hints for Success : Come to school prepared for practical activities, regular attendance and meeting deadlines for paperwork. Pupils may be asked to bring one or two ingredients e.g. fresh veg and a box or dish to take their cooking home in.

Homework : Learners will be expected to carry out further reading to consolidate their knowledge and understanding and to gain practice in answering techniques. Learners will also benefit from practicing practical skills at home.

S4, S5 and S6
Health & Food Technology : National 4/5 and Higher
SQA’s Health and Food Technology qualifications provide opportunities to study the relationships between health, nutrition, the functional properties of food, lifestyle choices and consumer issues. These Courses develop an awareness of informed food and dietary choices that can have a positive effect on the health of learners and enable them to advise others. Learners also develop a range of skills and applications of food preparation techniques including planning skills; collecting evidence; applying and presenting solutions and interpreting and evaluation skills.

Hospitality: Practical Cookery : National 4 and National 5
SQA’s Hospitality: Practical Cookery qualifications develop a range of cookery skills and processes, as well as food preparation techniques. Planning and producing meals and presenting them appropriately, learners develop understanding of ingredients from a variety of different sources, as well as of their uses and responsible sourcing and sustainability. Learners develop understanding of the impact of the choice of ingredients on health and wellbeing, and embed food safety and hygiene skills. cookery

Fashion and Textile Technology : National 4, National 5 and Higher
fabric This course offers opportunities to develop a range of skills, including practical construction skills. This is underpinned with the relevant knowledge of textile properties and technologies required to create fashion/textile items.