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We made it to New York Tartan Week
Air Diardaoin 5 Giblean 2018 bha còmhlan pìoba Sgoil Lionacleit air Eilean Ellis ann an New York agus iad a' taisbeanadh na sgilean aca gu luchd-èiseachd mar phàirt de Sheachdain Tartain NYC. Chaidh cuireadh a thoirt dhaibh le Raibeart MacMhuirich, a tha os cionn Clann MacMhuirich. Chluich agus sheinn na sgoilearan agus gu dearbha chòrd e ris an luchd-èisteachd a bha an làthair.

On Thursday the 5th of April Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band travelled to Ellis Island as part of their trip to New York. They were invited by Robert Currie, Commander of the Name and Arms of Currie, to perform on the island as part of Tartan Week. Pupils entertained visitors to the island with tunes, songs and were extremely well received.

UPDATE: We did it! On 31st Dec 2017 we successfully raised £8,010 with 108 supporters in 56 days.
Mòran Taing

Merry Christmas - A big thank you to all our backers and here is our latest news!!

Merry Christmas Since starting our Crowdfunding Campaign, to take part in the Tartan Week parade in New York on 7th April 2018, there have been a number of developments behind the scenes.

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (Western Isles Council) have endorsed the SLPB as Youth Cultural Ambassadors for the Western Isles and have offered financial support to the trip.

There have been many donations kindly sent directly to the pipe band totalling around £20,000. In total, we estimate that we are now around ¾ of the way towards our target of £40,000, which is great but we do have a little more to raise.

We are still seeking a main banner sponsor, so if there are any businesses out there who might be interested in being carried to New York and down 6th Avenue on our banners, press releases, t-shirts and photos - please ask them to get in touch.

Our future plans are to have a Star Studded Concert towards the end of January and we are currently talking to three famous traditional music artists - so watch our Facebook page and don’t miss the chance to snap up those tickets for a great family night out!!

While we are very grateful for all those who have contributed to date, we are now in the final 10 days of the pipe band Crowdfunding campaign and could do with a little boost on the last stretch.

There is still time to donate and if there is anyone else you think may still wish to contribute, please just give them a wee nudge and direct them to our Crowdfunding page. The youngsters in the pipe band would really appreciate it.

Also, sharing our Crowdfunding page on your Facebook or Twitter account takes seconds, costs nothing but could really benefit our cause with a few more donations.

Moran taing, Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhn' ùr Mhath dhuibh uile

Many thanks and have a lovely Christmas.

Best wishes
Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band Committee


Who we are ...

We come from a small island state high school in the Uists with around 300 pupils, geographically remote from many of the opportunities available to kids on the mainland. Travelling to New York to play as part of Tartan Week in April 2018, will be the chance of a life time for us. We will pull together as a team, set our sights and do our best to represent our Gaelic Culture and island heritage with pride.


Our dream of Tartan Week, New York ...

We, Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band, have the dream of piping up Sixth Avenue as part of the biggest ever 20th Anniversary Tartan Week in New York on 7th April 2018. Our plan is to travel to the USA as youth ambassadors for Gaelic Culture, the Outer Hebrides and Scotland. This will be the first time any pipe band (youth or adult) has represented the Hebrides at Tartan week - a great achievement for a bunch of island kids!

Our story ...

As Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band, we plan to travel from the Outer Hebrides to the ‘Big Apple’ New York to perform at the magnificent 20th Anniversary Tartan Week on Saturday April 7th 2018. Our main objective while there will be to share our pipe music and dance, Hebridean and Gaelic culture with a huge international audience. We also plan to perform for specific Gaelic audiences and groups within New York. This trip will encourage a sense of self-worth and pride in our cultural roots and music. As ambassadors for our Gaelic culture we will highlight what our islands have to offer the world and potentially increase tourism to the Outer Hebrides. While in the city we will also get to explore and expand our knowledge of American history and culture including the story behind emigration from the Hebrides to the USA. As the Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band is from a small state school in the Outer Hebrides, the opportunity for us to travel internationally with the school is rare and often too expensive. Some of us have never travelled abroad before, so imagine how exciting it will be to get on a plane to New York! We have set our sights and ambitions on this amazing goal. We know that it will be hard work, we will have to practise and pull together as one to make this trip of a lifetime happen. Doing so will give us a great sense of ambition, team-work and achievement. BBC Alba have commissioned a Trusadh documentary which will follow our story as we prepare, fundraise, embark on and experience this Tartan Week, New York adventure. The programme will be an opportunity for us to share this experience with a wider audience. So with your help, we believe we will march up Sixth Avenue with pride, showcasing our Gaelic and Hebridean culture to an international audience as part of the 20th Anniversary Tartan Week celebrations 2018.

Smuainich, creid, soirbhich!

Dream, believe, achieve!

Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band go to Tartan Week NY

Scottish Schools Pipe Band Freestyle Champions 2017 ...

Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band is made up of pipers and drummers aged between 12-17 years old from throughout the Uists, as far North as Berneray and to the Southern tip of Barra. For Tartan Week we will, also, be taking along local highland dancers. As a team, we are current winners of the Scottish Schools Pipe Band Championships Freestyle Competition 2017 and have been placed in the top six in our class at the World Pipe Band Championships for two years running.

World Pipe Band Championships
12 August 2017

Delighted to announce we won 6th place in our grade today!! With a total of 15 in our group we're pleased to have got a place!


Scottish Schools Championships
12 March 2017

1st place in the freestyle!! Well done to all pipe band members for a fantastic performance today, what a brilliant result!!!!!