Scottish Studies AwardScottish Studies Award

For all enquiries with this qualification please see: Faculty Principal Teacher – Mrs A Parkin
Purpose and Aims of this Award
Pupils will have the opportunity to:
  • Broaden and add depth to their knowledge of Scotland whilst applying skills, knowledge and understanding; 
  • Research an aspect of Scotland/Scottish culture that is of particular interest to them;
  • Develop the skills of planning, researching, selecting, analysing information and evaluation;
  • Demonstrate under non-directive supervision, their ability to work independently.
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Scottish Studies Award Scottish Studies Award

Important information:
  • This is not an examined course.
  • You may achieve the Scottish Studies Award at SCQF Levels 2-6.
  • You must take responsibility for all aspects of your research project. Your teacher may offer advice, support and feedback but it must be made clear that the Scotland in Focus Unit is an independent study.
  • In addition to presenting your findings, at SCQF levels 5 and 6, you must also analyse and evaluate your findings.
  • You must keep a file of evidence and keep a log of your progress.
  • You must have clear aims for your project:
    • SCQF Levels 3-4: at least one aim and at least two sources of information.
    • SCQF Levels 5-6: at least two aims and at least three sources of information.
SCQF Level 3            =          National 3 standard
SCQF Level 4            =          National 4 standard
SCQF Level 5            =          National 5 standard
SCQF Level 6            =          Higher standard
Scottish Studies Award information from the SQA website