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Creative Industries is an introductory qualification which develops the knowledge and skills required for employment or further study in the creative industries.

The Course covers: an Introduction to the Creative Industries, Creative Industries Skills Development, the Creative Process, and a Creative Project.

Learners will gain an awareness of the opportunities and jobs in the different sectors and they will develop transferable employability skills, including:
  • an understanding of the workplace and the employee’s responsibilities (eg time-keeping, appearance, customer care)
  • self-evaluation skills
  • positive attitude to learning
  • flexible approaches to solving problems
  • adaptability and positive attitude to change
  • confidence to set goals, reflect and learn from experience
  • skills to become effective job-seekers and employees
SCQF Level 5
There are 4 mandatory units:
  • Creative Industries: An introduction
  • Creative Industries: Skills Development
  • Creative Industries: The Creative Process
  • Creative Industries: Creative Project
This assessment has 3 Outcomes.
Outcome 1: Investigate practical skills
Outcome 2: Develop own practical skills
Outcome 3: Evaluate own practical skills