Skills For Work - Languages for Life and WorkLanguages for Life and Work

For all enquiries with this qualification please see: Faculty Principal Teacher – Mrs A Parkin
Languages for Life and Work Awards develop learners’ language and employability skills, through studying one or two languages in practical and relevant contexts for life and work.
These Awards are available at SCQF levels 3 and 4 are based around two existing SQA Units:
  • Modern Languages for Work Purposes and Building Own Employability Skills)
  • one new Unit (Modern Languages for Life)
The awards are available in Gaelic (Learners) and German. The awards allow learners to achieve the award by using one or two languages to develop learners' language and employability skills in practical and relevant contexts.
SCQF Level 3/4
The Award aims to enable learners to:
  • develop talking and listening skills in one or two languages in the contexts of life and work (plus reading skills at Level 4)
  • develop knowledge of one or two languages in the contexts of life and work
  • develop employability skills