Study Support Timetable Template

As many of you are starting study leave, please find below a timetable template attached to help you structure your study during study leave. Each week of the SQA exam period is on a different tab at the bottom and it will print nicely for your wall or for putting in a folder / polypocket. There are so many benefits in creating a study in that it helps you organise yourself, reduces stress, encourages you to focus and discipline yourself to study. You will gain a sense of achievement when you start it. Adapt it all to suit yourself, but you do use this or something similar, would recommend using the study timetable as follows:


  1. Go through each tab, greying out and typing in the days when you are sitting examinations.
  2. Grey / Blackout times when you have work, family arrangements, football training, athletics etc or simply a planned day, morning or afternoon off. If you are good with MS Excel you can insert more or less columns if you wish for more or less slots.
  3. Adjust the times at he top to suit your study patterns and times and makes sure they are realistic.
  4. Start populating your timetable with subjects and whether you add more detail like specific past papers or topics you wish to revise within a subject is entirely up to you. Colour coordinate your subjects Eg (Colour All Chemistry Study Blue etc)
  5. When planning your weeks, ensure you focus and do more slots more on the earlier and upcoming exams. Ensure you have a good spread of your subjects. Your study time doesn't have to be the same in each subject and is dependent also on your strengths an weaknesses. Whatever works for you.
  6. Every block in May should be filled in with Something whether it be a subject, a break, day off or other personal activities.
  7. Print each week off and make sure it is highly visible.
  8. Find an area in your house where you can work quietly and have everything around you which you will need for each session.
  9. Put your phone on silent and put it away from easy reach unti you have a break.
  10. It is good practice during study leave to set your alarm, get up, washed and dressed as normal and get into a purposeful routine.
  11. Although you may not have school the following day, avoid the temptation of staying up late as it will impact on your alertness the following day.
  12. Do try hard and stick to it, it will be hard at times but be STRICT with yourself.

Click the green link button to download the Excel document to create your customisable study timetable for this year's SQA exams.


Study Support Lessons timetable


Level & Subject



Mr Simpson

Higher Mathematics


3:50pm to 4:45pm

Mr Simpson

National 5 Mathematics


3:50pm to 4:45pm

e-sgoil study timetable