S1 to S3 - Rationale

Technical Education in the 21st Century:
In Sgoil Lionacleit, a common course is offered to pupils in S1 and S2.  At the end of S3 pupils can chose to continue with the general Technical Subjects course as well as opting for the Practical Technical Skills course.

Throughout the Broad General Education of S1-3, a variety of projects are worked on to allow pupils to gain a broad range of experiences.  Pupils are provided with a variety of project work in Craft, Design, Engineering and Graphics.  The work is carried out within the workshops and the graphics room.  Pupils will be involved in a variety of learning experiences and by the end of S2 will have:

  • Design
  • Manufacture(Craft)
  • Graphic Communication
  • Technology

Pupils work with a variety of materials and equipment to manufacture items in wood, metal, plastic, card and other modelling materials. The course is designed to meet all learners’ needs and teachers deliver the courses with the pupil’s individual learning styles taken into account.

Within the Technical department pupils are expected to follow the school rules as well as the specific departmental code to allow all pupils to work in a safe, productive and stimulating environment where they are able to succeed.

Pupils are assessed continually throughout the course in a variety of ways. Pupils will be assessed on their Practical Abilities, their Problem Solving and their Graphic Presentation. In addition to these Technological areas, pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills are assessed whilst working on projects and folios.

Pupils can be expected to take part in self/peer and teacher evaluation. Pupils are encouraged to evaluate their work at all times and in doing so can identify areas of strength and areas for development in their own work. 

For the current year, pupils will be working on the following topics:



Introduction to workshop, working with hand tools, using machinery, using wood.
Introduction to graphics: Colour theory and sketching

Graphics introduction: Orthographic views, sketching and rendering, Manual drawing
Working with wood: Trinket box

Graphics: 3d drawing topic
Design: Tea light holder

Graphics: 3d Modelling



Term 1
Art deco tea light holders

Term 2
Structures project

Term 3
Ice Scraper

Term 4
Graphics unit: Computer 3D Modelling, Introduction to Desk Top publishing, Formal drawing techniques



Term 1
Graphics: 3D modelling, Creating working drawings.

Term 2
Desk Top Publishing, Drawing board work.

Term 3 & 4

Design & Manufacture: 2 projects from:  Automatons, clock, notice board, screwdriver, storage.

S3 Practical Technical Skills
sProjects covering aspects of Construction skills, Practical Woodworking skills, Engineering skills and Energy

  • Shed task
  • Plumbing/Wiring
  • Wind Vane