Skills for work


The Crofting Year is a National Progression award in Crofting which gives young people the opportunity to experience real-life situations on a working croft. Over the two years of the course they have the opportunity to develop the wide range of practical skills that are vital for any crofter. They receive expert guidance and training from the Crofter/Tutor in the field and this is backed up in the classroom by the Teacher/Tutor.

In addition to the many practical skills that will be experienced, time will be spent gaining an understanding of the history of crofting as well as the place of crofting in the local community and also the regulation of crofting. Opportunities for diversification will also be considered and the intimate relationship with the local ecology and the issue of sustainability will be investigated.

Above all, the young people will be given the opportunity to experience crofting first hand and to develop a passion for this way of life. While many of them will become crofters themselves, not all the students will go on to work the land, however all of them will gain a much better understanding and appreciation for the place of crofting in Scotland.