Engineering Skills
Skills For Work


Engineering Skills Course provides a basis for progression into further education or for moving directly into training or employment in an engineering sector by developing the necessary generic and practical skills, knowledge and understanding and employability skills.

It focuses on the broad areas of Mechanical, Fabrication, Electrical, Electronic, Maintenance, and on an element of Design and Manufacture.

At SCQF level 5, learners work alone or with others on straightforward tasks with support.

This Course focuses on developing generic employability skills needed for success in the workplace through a variety of practical experiences in the engineering skills area.

There is considerable flexibility of topics and contexts to facilitate personalisation and choice for learners and centres — and to allow new and stimulating contexts for learning to be built into the Course.

SCQF Level 5
There are 4 mandatory units:

  • Mechanical and Fabrication
  • Electrical and Electronic
  • Maintenance
  • Design and Manufacture

All the Units focus on the development of specific engineering skills.

Assessment involves practical activities which will produce evidence for all the Outcomes. Assessment of the evidence will cover:

  • interpretation of a drawing or specification
  • the appropriate use of tools, materials and equipment
  • successful involvement in the completion of a task, product or assembly
  • quality checking of their work by the candidate
  • attention to health and safety aspects of working in a workshop type of environment

The assessment of employability skills is integrated in all of the Units and is based on assessor checklists and candidates completing a review sheet once for each unit of the Course. This review allows the candidate to record their development of employability skills in the context of different skills areas. The Design and Manufacture Unit selected will also include an introduction to design using a CAD software package. There is no external assessment for this Course. Learners must successfully complete each Unit to achieve the Course. The Units are internally assessed by centres and externally verified by SQA.