The Higher Psychology Course enables learners to use appropriate psychological concepts, theories, research methods and evidence to investigate and analyse internal and external influences on human behaviour in a range of different contexts.

The main purposes of the Course are to enable learners to develop an understanding of the psychological study of the human mind and behaviour in a range of contexts, and to enhance their ability to use evidence to explain behaviour.

The Course develops learners’ understanding of psychology as the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Psychology is a research-based subject, and it provides the opportunity to conduct practical research. This includes working with human participants in accordance with ethical standards.

The aims of the Course are to enable learners to develop:

This assessment has 2 components.
Component 1: question paper, 80 marks (67%), 2 hours 40 minutes.
Component 2: assignment, 40 marks (33%).

This Course or its Units may provide progression to: