Physical Education


Pupils will be taking part in Bleep test, Cross Country and rugby in the new year. A timetable will be posted in the PE corridor of when each class has which activity. Please take the time to look at the timetable.


The PE curriculum involves being suitably prepared for the various activities taught over the year. Please ensure that you bring suitable change of clothes as PE kit for going outdoors. Also a reminder that you are expected to still bring PE kit if you have a medical note to excuse you from the lesson.

  • Cross Country
  • Shorts / leggings/ tracksuit bottoms
  • Tshirt/ jumper/ jacket
  • Outdoor trainers
  • Gloves & hat
Introduction to Physical Education Department
The aims in all years are to promote challenge and enjoyment in Physical Education.

Through the range of activities e.g. football, badminton, basketball, swimming, athletics and social dance, the students experience in each year they will develop -
  • Skills and techniques to enhance performance
  • Personal fitness through practical experiences
  • An ability to cooperate and communicate effectively with others in both co-operative and competitive learning contexts
  • An ability to analyse personal strengths and development needs in relation to performance

Core PE is compulsory from S1 through to S5. The S3 PE programme is a continuation of the activities followed in S1 and S2 developed to a higher level. The programme is broadened with the inclusion of activities not previously covered in earlier years. Pupils can be inducted in the gym when they are 16 and gym use may be an option during some core class time.


Appropriate dress for PE
  1. Shorts or Tracksuit bottoms
  2. Change of footwear
  3. No Vest tops
  4. Strictly no football colours or labels
Pupils not able to take part in PE should bring a note to give to staff in the morning and/or parents should phone the school. Pupils are expected to wear kit (as above) and help out with the lesson e.g. timing, if at all possible.

SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS – pupils are given the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities, where their knowledge, skills and techniques are developed. Pupils are able to enhance their performances in the extra curricular clubs that are available. School sporting trips demonstrate the pupil’s success in their learning and progress of their chosen sport.

School Football Team

CONFIDENT INDIVIDUALS – pupils experience both individual and team challenges in a wide spectrum of activities, where their decision making and confidence are displayed. Pupils have the opportunity to perform skills in front of their peers and participate in different activities in front of the whole school audience and/ or sporting venues away.

RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS – pupils learn to take on different roles in sport. They learn to organise and officiate games. They learn what fair play is and how to apply it in a range of sporting contexts.

EFFECTIVE CONTRIBUTORS – pupils can contribute to the whole school and community by participating in school sports day, interhouse activities and various clubs and trips that represent the school. The school newsletter takes pride in highlighting sporting achievement in and out with school. Senior students have the valuable opportunity to help run sporting events as well as performing their own challenge.

Learners will be expected to carry out further reading to consolidate their knowledge and understanding and to gain practice in answering techniques.  Learners will also benefit from practicing practical skills at home.
Runner in a relay race

Hints for Success
Come to school prepared for practical activities, regular attendance and meeting deadlines for paperwork.

Well done!

Do I have to wear shorts and T-shirt to the PE lesson?
No. You can wear tracksuit bottoms/leggings and long sleeved tops, as long as you have a change of clothes to participate in PE.

You should also bring something warm to participate in activities that are outside.

What happens if I forget my PE kit?
You should tell the PE department as early as possible and be prepared to wear the spare PE kit held in the department.

If you forget your PE department 3 times a letter will be sent home and detention/punishment exercise given.

What happens if I have a medical note for PE?
If you cannot participate in PE, you should take in a medical note with a reason for non participation to your teacher.

Do I still need to take my PE kit if I have a medical note?
Yes. If you cannot take part in PE for any reason, you should still take your PE kit as you can be involved in the lesson in some other way.

Also this would prevent your school uniform from getting wet/dirty if you are assisting the class.

Can I take water into the PE lesson?
We encourage you take water into the lesson in order to rehydrate during exercise.

What happens if I need an inhaler?
If you need an inhaler, this is considered to be part of your PE kit and should be taken to all activities with you.